What We Do is a comprehensive salary center that will provide you with tools that can increase your salary potential. These tools include a salary calculator that allows you to quickly find the average salary paid for a position in a particular city/state, as well as, nationally. We also offer a premium salary report that is tailored to your years of experience, education level, and company size. In addition, if you are considering a move or longer commute, you can use our Cost of Living Calculator to find the equivalent of your salary in your current location in a different city or state. When using these tools, it is helpful to visit the Salary Advice section of our site for tips on how to manage and negotiate your salary.

Who We Are was founded by in July 2006 and is based out of Chicago, IL. is a wholly property of operating as a business unit within its family of services. is the leading provider of targeted Web recruiting.

Our Mission:
To be the national leader in providing consumers and job seekers with the most updated salary information online.

Our Values:
Candor - We communicate with clarity, honesty, and respect in all relationships.

Disciplined Freedom - We give leaders within the organization freedom to run their own business and reward and hold them accountable for the success of that business.

Passion - We are passionate about and committed to our customers, co-workers, and community’s success.

Agility - To remain an industry leader, we must learn and rapidly translate that learning into action.

We must also develop our employees and teach them to use critical thinking skills in all decision making. This is the only competitive advantage.

Easy to Do Business With - We treat every situation with a positive, "can do" attitude.

When faced with challenges, we respond constructively to bring about solutions that exceed expectations.

Our Salary & Cost of Living Reports provides salary and cost of living data for thousands of jobs across the United States in the form of 3 types of reports: 1.) Free Salary Report, 2.) Premium Salary Report, and 3.) Cost of Living Report. The source of our data is

Free Salary Report
When evaluating the salary report for a job, it is important that you review the job description. A close job description match will provide a more accurate picture of a position’s salary than a job title match. This data does not include bonuses, variable pay, allowances, and benefits.

Premium Salary Report
The premium salary report considers factors such as industry, company size, years of experience, and education when calculating salary range and average data for your personal report. This report utilizes composite salary data from multiple survey sources. The salary ranges provided in these reports are less conservative and, in general, more competitive than the free salary data we supply. In addition, these reports include bonus, benefits, and total compensation information.

Cost of Living Report
The free cost of living report allows you find out what the equivalent salary in a different city is to your current salary in your present location. For example, rent and clothing on average might cost more in New York, NY than in Enid, Oklahoma. Therefore, if you are currently living in Enid making $40,000 a year and considering a move to New York, you should find out the salary you will need to earn in New York to maintain your current standard of living.

The data for these reports is provided by and is updated on a monthly basis. Read more about our salary data >>

Our Jobs by Salary Report allows users to perform a salary search, with a salary range as the starting point. From this search, users can see jobs across different categories, by location, that fit into their desired range. For each job title, several pieces of information are given: salary, required training, growth outlook and a job description. Users can also see open jobs, as well as related jobs.

The salary data for this report is provided by and is updated on a monthly basis. Read more about our salary data »

The training and growth data is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and was last updated on December 18, 2007. If an exact job title match was not available, the closest was used. For new job titles, training and growth data may not be available yet and we will add it as soon as it offered. Read more about the training and growth data.
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