Resume and CV Resources for Job-Seekers
Resume and CV Resources for Job-Seekers

All the very best free resume-writing and resume-strategy resources and tools for job-seekers.

What follows is a collection of the best resume writing resources on the Web -- for all types of job-seekers in all job-search situtations. If you need help writing your resume or curriculum vitae (CV), take advantage of all the professional resume-writing tools and resources we offer on this site.

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Avoid These 10 Resume Mistakes -- a professional resume writer shows you how to avoid/fix the 10 most common resume mistakes that can hurt your job-search job success.

Culturally Competent Resumes for the Global Job Market -- tips for preparing your resume or CV with international perspective by presenting your personal information in a culturally sensitive manner.

FAKTSA: An Easy Acronym for Remembering Key Resume Enhancers -- learn about Focus, Appearance, Keywords, Transferrable Skills, Accomplishments in improving your resume.

Five Top Trends for Executive Resumes -- developing an interview-generating executive resume is about differentiating yourself from others competing for same jobs. Here are 5 trends to use to stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Resumes: The Complete Resume FAQ -- a complete compendium on all things resumes, including answers to 55 of the most frequently job-seeker asked questions about resumes.

Fundamentals of a Good Resume Page -- a quick and easy-to-follow template for writing a chronlogical resume, with links to other types of resumes and other key resume-writing resources.

How to Handle a Gap in Your Job History -- don't let an employment gap hurt your career job-search. Learn how to handle a gap.

New Grads Must Dig Deeper to Beef Up Skimpy Resumes -- college students and new grads can learn how to add depth to your resumes by examining all your relevants experiences.

Preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) -- the resume for scientists and academics; includes tips, resources, books, and samples.

Resume Critique Worksheet -- before you apply for that next job, take the time to critique your resume on these critical criteria.

Resumes Do's and Don'ts -- a key collection of critical rules dealing with resume preparation and writing.

The Scoop on Resume Length: How Many Pages Should Your Resume Be? -- deals with the one question all job-seekers face... how many pages are acceptable for your resume. The answer may surprise you.

Should You Consider a Functional Format for Your Resume? -- for many job-seekers, a resume organized around skills clusters is a better option than a standard chronological resume.

Should You Use a Career Objective on Your Resume? -- the pros and cons that can help you decide whether or not to use a career objective on your resume.

Tapping the Power of Keywords to Enhance Your Resume's Effectiveness -- this article, a preview of a chapter from the book, Words to Get Hired By: The Jobseeker's Quintessential Lexicon of Powerful Words and Phrases for Resumes and Cover Letters, the first e-book published by Quintessential Careers Press, is all about the potential benefit to job-seekers who use the "correct" keywords in your resume and cover letter.

Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume -- ten tips to help you tweak your resume into a nicer, cleaner, more readable resume, thus clearing the path to more potential job interviews.

Top 30 Executive Resume Pet Peeves of Hiring Decision-Makers -- a three-part examination in which hiring decision-makers reveal the top 30 executive resume pet peeves, mistakes job-seekers should avoid entirely.

A Web-Ready Resume Can Be a Major Advantage in Your Job Search -- learn about the advantages of creating a Web-ready resume to enhance your job-search -- and then how to create and publish your resume on the Web.

What Resume Format is Best for You? -- discusses various resume formats and provides tips on which format is best for job-seekers.

Want more resume articles? Find even more of our resume articles in this section of Quintessential Careers: Job Search Correspondence (Resumes and Cover Letters) Articles.
Resume Tutorial -- actually tutorials. This site offers a detailed resume tutorial for beginners as well as a "lite" version for job-seekers who just need to do some fine-tuning on your resumes.

Resume Quizzes for Job-Seekers -- four great tools. How strong is your resume? Put it to the test! And while you're at it, test your resume strategy skills as well! Resume-writing quizzes are available for entry-level/new grad job-seekers, career-changers, and experienced job-seekers.

Could You Benefit from a Professional Resume Writer? An Assessment for Job-seekers -- a great tool to help you judge whether you need the services of a professional resume writer.

Job-Seeker Career and Job-Search Worksheets -- worksheets to develop and streghten your cover letters and resumes.

Real New College Grad Resume and Cover Letter Samples -- A large collection of real, high-quality new college grad resume and cover letter samples for helping colelge students and new grads improve your job, internship, grad-school search.

Sample Curriculum Vitas -- where you'll find a growing selection of sample Web-based vitas (CVs) as well as some international CVs in pdf.

Sample Professional Resumes -- check out these free professionally produced sample resumes if you're interested in getting some ideas and guidelines for your own resume. In pdf format.

Sample Web Resumes -- where you'll find a large selection of free sample Web-based resumes.

The Quintessential Guide to Surefire Resumes for New Graduates and Other Entry-Level Candidates. This free Quintessential Careers Press e-book provides seven chapters that will help you pack punch into your resume and cover letter and then gives you two chapters of tools -- worksheets and samples to guide you to applying what you've learned from the book to creating surefire career-marketing documents.

Critical Resume Tips: Key Resume Writing Advice -- a no-cost collection of resume writing related tips and strategies designed to help all job-seekers -- from entry-level to career-changers to executives -- find jobs.

WEB RESUME RESOURCES -- where job-seekers can create and maintain a professional resume and profile that is hosted online, available for download in any needed format. Also includes networking, job-matching, and job-search (using Emurse, an anagram for Resume. Several options for job-seekers, from no cost account to premium services., where you simply enter the text of your resume into a form and the site creates a Web resume for you -- you receive a publicly available Web page with the text on it that you can give out to employers via email.

Audio Resume -- an interesting site that allows job-seekers to record answers to interview questions that can then be heard by any employer that browses your profile. After registering, you call a toll-free phone number and answer a few interview questions that give you an opportunity to "sell yourself" and create a high-impact first impression with employers. No cost for basic listing.

"How To Write a Masterpiece of a Resume," from Rockport Institute Career Pathfinders. Includes some great tips and information all about resumes.

JobStar -- Resume Index -- Some great information about resumes, with resume tips from Yana Parker, author of the best-selling, Damn Good Resumes.

ResTrust -- is the pioneer of resume certification for both job-seekers and employers. For job-seekers, the company will enhance your credibility by verifying elements of your resume. For employers, the company verifies that the information applicants present on their resumes if true. As a QuintCareers partner site, job-seekers and employers who enter "Quintcareers10" will receive a 10 percent discount on services.

ResumeTutor -- An online resume writing workbook from the Employee Career Enrichment Center at the University of Minnesota.

Ten Minute Resume: Resume Preparation Service -- offers free access to intelligent expert-software that helps resume writers frame their qualifications in the best possible way. It walks you through a series of steps and guides you with tips and phrases to make the most of your credentials. An excellent resource.

WinWay Corporation -- site of WinWay Resume 4.0 software, as well as other career and job-hunting resources.

Recruiters' Top 10 Resume Pet Peeves -- some great advice on fixing common resumes errors identified by corproate recruiters, from the Mount Holyoke College Career Development Center.

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